About Arinna Consulting GmbH

Your reliable, secure and competent partner in international business consulting.

Over the last decades we have successfully established an international network in the field of business consulting. Our mission is to ensure that the connections we create, the bridges we build, such as those between Africa, the Middle East and Europe, also serve the good of the countries.

IPO's, financing, project development, and restructuring of private banks are also the core tasks of our business consulting services. Since we work closely with a team of experienced economists, bank directors and solicitors, you will find your concerns are in the safest of hands.

Together we provide you with solutions and assistance in crisis situations such as insolvency or financial bottlenecks caused by restructuring and rescue companies.

Construction Consulting

We advise you on your construction projects worldwide. Whether it's development, process optimisation or negotiations with local authorities concerning local building regulations - we help you to complete your project respecting your schedule.

Energy Consulting

Solar modules are an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels. We can help you if you want to cultivate your land for energy production from sunlight and advise you on any issues that arise.


Digitale Kommunikation ist heut­zutage das A und O, damit Unter­nehmen wett­bewerbs­fähig bleiben können. Unser akkredi­tiertes Berater­team, das nach den Normen und Standards des BSI-IT-Grundschutz‘ arbeitet, unter­stützt Sie bei der Kommu­nika­tions­opti­mierung Ihres Unter­nehmens und berät Sie in allen an­fallen­den Fragen.

Maritime Consulting

We are also ideally positioned in maritime industries. Our specialists simulate nautical accidents on the basis of an appraisal and search for the causes of damage in technical systems for ships. Furthermore, they consult in crewing, whether deep-sea or inland navigation.